• Synthesis of optimized control system of alternative energies for the building
    Modeling, Control/command, AI, Embedded electronics, Renewable energies, Optimization
  • Self-tuning power amplifier in advanced CMOS technology for automotive radar
    Integrated circuits, Process variations, Calibration, Intrusive, Millimeter waves, Non intrusive
  • Energy-efficient wake-up radio system based on spintronic devices
    Wireless sensor networks, Spintronic, Wake-up receiver
  • Design of a 15 or 16 bit analog to digital converter for ultra low power applications
    DAC, Ultra low power, high resolution
  • Design methodology based on the inversion coefficient for RF and mmW circuits optimization using 28 nm FDSOI technology
    RF design, inversion coefficient, FDSOI
  • Agile front-end topology at millimetre frequencies using in situ calibration solutions. Application to the design of D-band phase shifters, comparison of active and passive approaches
    Microelectronics, Radiofrequency - millimeter-waves, Phase shifter
  • Contribution to the design of miniature high frequency probes for precision microwave measurements on silicon wafers
    On wafer measurement, Probes, Millimeter wave, Electromagnetic simulation, S parameter
  • Design of an FD-SOI read / control circuit dedicated to the field of quantum computing under Cryogenic conditions
    28 nm FD-SOI, Control Qubit, Quantum Computing, Low Noise Amplifier, Cryogenic CMOS
  • Study and development of new structures against electrostatic discharges (ESD) for radio frequency and millimetre wave applications
    ESD, Radio Frequencies, Millimeters
  • To be defined
    To be defined
  • RF Reliability in C065SOI FEM mmW : Device Model and Application to Power Amplifier
    PA design, RF reliability, Resilience
  • Clock Generation For Low Power Receiver based on N-Path Mixers
    Horloge, N-path mélangeurs, Consommation
  • IPs for mixed-signal/high-speed integrated circuits dependability and control
    Test, Jitter, Mixed-signal circuits
  • Analysis of the pollutions of a switch mode power supply, a microcontroller core, and memories on a Bluetooth Low Energy type Radio Frequency transmitter embedded on a same System on Chip
    Low power and high yield voltage conversion, RF CMOS design, Microcontrollers, On chip radio frequency transmission
  • On-chip generation of high-frequency sinusoidal signals using harmonic cancellation techniques
    Analogue circuits, Test signal generation, Harmonic cancellation
  • HRNPM_based low power receivers - Spintronic diodes based wake-up radios
    Harmonic rejection, Mixers, Low power, Spintronics
  • Integration of RF switches based on chalcogenide phase change materials: application to millimeter wave imaging
    Mm wave switches, Microelectronics, Technology, Sub-THz imaging, IoT
  • Self-learning self-test and self-calibration for integrated millimeter-wave systems
    Radiofrequency, Integrated Systems, Machine learning
  • Study of the Gm/ID design methodology for low-power RF/mmW frequency synthesizers in SOI technology
    Gm/Id, Design methodology, Frequency synthesis, Low power
  • Sub-THz circuits based on substrate integrated waveguides in integrated and above-IC technologies
    Characterization, microelectronics, design, substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW), microwave