• Conference Announcements

    Laurent FESQUET (CDSI team) is Program Chair of ASYNC 2023 (Beijing, China)

  • AMfoRS Research Group

    The AMfoRS team addresses dependability and trust of digital systems at multiple abstraction levels for specific application domains, by guaranteeing that digital circuits possess properties such as quality, reliability, safety, security, availability.

  • CDSI Research Group

    The team activity covers a broad spectrum of activities from MEMS to systems. High performances are achieved thanks to disruptive technologies, which are at the frontiers of different fields of applications. 

  • RMS Research Group

    The Reliable RF and Mixed-signal Systems group (RMS) is focused on the design, test and control of analog/mixed-signal/RF/mm-Wave integrated circuits and systems. 

  • SLS Research Group

    The SLS team focuses on (a) highly efficient architectures for general purpose computing or AI-dedicated algorithms, (b) system-level modeling and design methodology.


Localisation and Contacts

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Director: Giorgio DI NATALE
Tel : +33 4 76 57 50 79
E-mail: tima-direction@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr