• Extreme Learning Machine pour réseau de neurones embarqué
    Vision sensor, CNN, ELM, Random matrices, software optimization
  • Design of a piezoelectric micro-actuator with mechanical amplification for extra-auricular earphones
    Micro-actuator, Audio, Piezoelectric
  • Development of an advanced flow of structural, formal and semi-formal verification of asynchronous paths using appropriate formal verification methods and tools, for high-performance integrated processor-based subsystems
    CDC, RDC, formel, Verification
  • Smart batteryless InfraRed Image Sensor
  • Real-Time unconventional adaptive cameras for multimodal acquisition
    Computational photography, Embedded systems, 3D, Hyperspectral, Real Time
  • Using artificial intelligence for near field communication and low-energy signal demodulation
    NFC, SNN, AI, Low Power, Demodulation, HLS
  • Event-based Smart RF Architectures
    Converter, Analog, Digital, Non-uniform, sampling
  • Adjustable Precision Arithmetic for clockless Low-energy circuits
    Adjustable arithmetic, clockless circuits, Low-power
  • Study of a secured wireless piezoelectric power transmitter for medical implants
    piezoelectricity, continuum mechanics, chaos, wireless power transfer, mechatronics, cryptography
  • Built-in Asynchronous Detection for Hardware Cryptography (BAD4HaCr)
    Asynchronous security primitives, Asynchronous circuit, Cryptography, TRNG, PUF, Side-channel attack
  • Generation Automatique de Modeles de Sureté pour l'Analyse de Systemes Numeriques Complexes
    Relibility, Safety Models, Hardware digital design