• Fast and accurate simulation of multi/many-core SoCs
    Communication, multiprocessor, cache, network, simulation
  • Methods for the learning and adapting formal neural networks to the constraints of hardware accelerators for applications optimized in power and / or throughput.
    Low power, Deep learning, IA accelerator
  • Abstracting FPGA Development Flow Towards Agile Development Flows and High-Level Programming Paradigms
    Hardware Generation, Hardware construction languages, Hardware development, Chisel
  • Test and reliability analysis for cyber-physical system models
    Modeling, Reliability, Cyber-physical systems, Simulation
  • Learning in very low precision
    Computer Arithmetic, Deep Learning, Digital Circuits and Systems
  • Building an Efficient 128-bit General Purpose Processor
    Microarchitecture, RISC-V, Power (energy) efficiency
  • Single address space for massively parallel computers
    Virtual, address, parallel, computers,