• Cross-Layer Fault Analysis for Microprocessor Architectures (CLAM)
    Fault injection, RTL description, Microprocessor
  • Robust and Secure RISC-V Architecture
    Hardware security, RISC-V, dependability
  • Test and Reliability of Emerging Memory-based Spiking Neural Networks
    Emerging memory, test and reliability, neural networks
  • Design and evaluation of countermeasures against power-off laser fault injection attacks
    Hardware security, physical unclonable functions, fault attacks
  • Fault Injection on Digital Circuits : Modelling and Protecting against ElectroMagnetic Pulses
    Digital circuits, hardware security, electromagnetic attack
  • Exploration of security threats in In-Memory Computing Paradigms
    In-Memory Computing, Cryptography, Hardware Security
  • Study and development of La2NiO4 memristive devices for bio-inspired computing
    Memristive device, neuromorphic computing, valence change memory
  • Mitigation of radiation effects on the attitude estimation processing of autonomous things
    Safety-Critical applications, Neutron Radiation Effects, Attitude Estimation Algorithms, Radiation Induced Error Mitigation
  • Online Functional Testing and Designing Methods for Embedded Computing Systems
    Radiation effects, radiation tests, hardware and software, computing systems
  • Predictive fault tolerance analysis methodology for complex components with consideration of the application
    Virtual platforms, Radiation, SoC,HW/SW Interface, Fault Tolerance
  • Sensitivity Analysis and Design Methodology for Secure Digital Circuits against X-Rays
    Hardware security,Countermeasures,X-rays,Physical attacks
  • 3D Heterogeneous technologies for Digital secured & sovereign solutions
    2.5/3D integration, integrated circuit, hardware security
  • Design of a very low power Artificial Intelligence system (Tensor Processing Unit - TPU) based on memory computation.
    In Memory Computing (IMC), Static Random Access Memory (SRAM), Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), Low power
  • Design and Evaluation of Resistive-based Security Primitives (Physically Unclonable Function & True Random Number Generator)
    Memristor, PUF, TRNG