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Sub-THz circuits based on substrate integrated waveguides in integrated and above-IC technologies

Characterization, microelectronics, design, substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW), microwave

In the framework of the frequency increase and of the integration of electronic systems, the proposed PhD work will be to study, design and characterize structures based on SIW waveguides at sub-millimetre wavelengths in a 3D stack at the interface between chips and/or in the BEOL. An advantage of SIW technology is its ability to confine the electromagnetic field within the waveguide, thus reducing its impact (compared to other resonator technologies such as patch resonators or other planar half-wave resonators) on active or passive components that may be located near or even directly underneath these structures.
The first work will therefore concern the study of SIW structures above 100 GHz, taking into account the constraints of the microelectronic and 3D integration technologies considered, in order to evaluate their performance. The design of circuits based on waveguides, in particular based on resonators, could then be considered according to the achieved performances.
This work will be carried out in the TIMA laboratory, in collaboration with CEA-Leti, which develops technological solutions for 3D integration between microelectronic chips.


Thesis director: Emmanuel PISTONO
Thesis co-directors : Jean-Daniel ARNOULD / Olivier VALORGE (CEA)
Thesis started on: Oct. 2023
Doctoral school: EEATS

Submitted on September 20, 2023

Updated on September 20, 2023