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Permanents and Postdoc - RMS


Full-time researcher (CNRS)

AMS-RF design, AMS-RF-mmW Design-for Test, BIST, ADC static and dynamic BIST, Built-In Analog and RF Signal Generators, Self-Healing of AMS-RF-mmW ICs, Machine Learning Enhanced Design and Test of AMS-RF-mmW ICs, Statistical Calibration of AMS-RF-mmW ICs, Compact Modeling of MOS Transistors, Inversion-Based Analog Design Methods, Cryo CMOS

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Philippe FERRARI

Full Professor (UGA)

RF & mm-wave integrated circuits, passive circuits, PCB & CMOS technologies, nanowires technology

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Salvador MIR

Director of Research (CNRS)

Analog, Mixed-signal, RF, MEMS, Microsystems, Design-for-Test, Built-in-Self-Test

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Florence PODEVIN

Full Professor (Grenoble INP)

Passifs pour les circuits millimétriques : compacité, faibles pertes et accordabilité, technologie matériaux à changement de phase
Circuits RF basse consommation : mélange de fréquence, technologie spintronique

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Emmanuel SIMEU

Full Professor (UGA)

Heterogeneous System Test, Diagnostic and Control, Hybrid Energy System Modelling and Management

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Submitted on September 21, 2021

Updated on December 8, 2023