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Smart batteryless InfraRed Image Sensor


Keywords: Asynchronous,microbolometer,event-based

Abstract: Development of a new IR image sensor system based on a microbolometer array and an on-chip integrated circuitry able to sparsely sample and process the image. The proposed approach exploits event-based pixels - which will be jointly developed with an engineer - and an asynchronous strategy for the readout and the image pre-processing. This asynchronous readout will be helpful for reducing the throughput and compressing the data, which is a requirement for low-power operations.


Thesis director: Laurent FESQUET (TIMA - CDSI)
Thesis supervisor: Philippe ECREMENT (ORIOMA)
Thesis started on: Jan. 2022
Doctoral school: EEATS

Submitted on April 29, 2022

Updated on December 12, 2023