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Seminar by Michele Portolan (TIMA Laboratory / Secretary of the IEEE Renewal WG) "IJTAG changing the design for test" (EUROPRACTICE 2024)

Seminar / AMfoRS

On July 11, 2024

"IJTAG changing the design for test" (EUROPRACTICE 2024)
By Michele PORTOLAN - TIMA Laboratory / Secretary of the IEEE Renewal WG

Abstract: Sometimes hailed as a "paradigm shift", it proposes hardware and software solutions to boost hierarchical and instrument-based testing. The aim is to embrace automation and foster a new generation of tools and approaches. However, the current automated test flow cannot support all its features and promises without coming dangerously close to a breaking point. It is a typical scaling issue: everything seems fine for small-scale systems in the short term, but problems arise when looking at the long-term.

This webinar is targeted to both novice and advanced user. We will provide an overview of the IEEE 1687 Standard family, and then focus on its long-term impact and Research & Development challenges.

Bio: Michele Portolan is the Secretary of the IEEE 1687 Renewal Working Group of IEEE 1687 and is one of the authors of the first edition of the standard in 2014. He is a Senior Associate Professor at the Grenoble-INP school of Electronics Engineering since 2013. Prior to that, he was a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs in Ireland and France from 2007 to 2013. He is the author of several journals and research papers, and has been granted 20 US and EU patents. His main research interest are Design for Test, Reliability and next-generation Test Standards, with a particular emphasis on their interaction with neighbouring domains such as Security and Mixed-Signal.


On July 11, 2024
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11/07/2024 - 14:00


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