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Seminar by Damiano ZUCCALA (PhD student at TIMA Lab): Alan Turing and the Enigma Machine - An historical overview

Seminar / CDSI

On December 15, 2022

"Alan Turing and the Enigma Machine - An historical overview"
By Damiano ZUCCALA - PhD student at TIMA Laboratory (CDSI team)

In particular, the following aspects will be covered:
1) Enigma Machine structure - a new problem in human history;
2) Theoretical - quantitative analysis of the Enigma Machine problem;
3) Alan Turing intuition - how to crack the Germans code during World War II
4) Conclusions


On December 15, 2022
Complément date

15/12/2022 - 13:30


Complément lieu

TIMA Laboratory - Room N121

Submitted on December 14, 2022

Updated on November 17, 2023