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IFIP Silver Core Award for Salvador MIR (RMS team)

Accolade/Award / RMS

On January 3, 2022

The IFIP Silver Core distinction is awarded by the IFIP General Assembly in every other year, in recognition of significant achievements of the recipient that are important from the point of view of the mission and goals of IFIP.

Eligible are past and current members of any IFIP body (e.g. members of the General Assembly, members of Technical Committees, Committee officers, member of Working Groups) and people involved in organization of IFIP events, like chairs of Organization Committees, Chairs of Program Committees, etc.

Awardees 2021:
P. Campos
M. Glesner
S. Mir
H. Petrie
G. Weber


On January 3, 2022

Submitted on January 11, 2022

Updated on November 17, 2023