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Design of VCOs and phase shifters based on new architectures for mm-wave applications: 5G & automotive radar

5g, Phase shifters, Vco, Millimetre bands, Automotive radars

Systems operating in millimetre bands (between 30 Ghz and 300 Ghz) are now an obvious way of satisfying the need for mobile communications. However, in order to benefit fully from the bandwidth offered in millimetre bands, it is essential on the one hand to have local oscillators allowing to scan a wide range of frequencies (several Ghz)and to modify the way terminals and relays operate to meet their energy requirements.


Thesis director: Philippe FERRARI
Thesis started on: Dec. 2019
Thesis defence: 23/03/2023
Doctoral school: EEATS

Submitted on January 12, 2022

Updated on March 2, 2023