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Design of a 15 or 16 bit analog to digital converter for ultra low power applications


Keywords: DAC, Ultra low power, high resolution

Abstract: Many space applications, consumer electronics , the Internet of Things and cryptography require optimal management of consumption in order to preserve autonomy. The converter often represents a major consumption budget in the electronic chain.
In this study, an innovative approach will be adopted based on a pending patent, to go beyond the state of the art in terms of consumption / frequency figure of merit.


Thesis director: Daniel DZAHINI (TIMA - RMS)
Thesis supervisor: Jean-Daniel ARNOULD (TIMA - RMS) - Dominique DALLET (IMS Bordeaux)
Thesis started on: Oct. 2020
Thesis defence: April 29, 2024
Doctoral school: EEATS

Submitted on January 12, 2022

Updated on May 3, 2024