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Best Paper Award at PRIME 2008

Distinction : Best Paper Award (Silver Leaf) at the PRIME 2008 conference
Authors: E. Yahya


FDL'09 Best Paper Award to L. Ferro and L. Pierre

Distinction : Paper selected: ISIS: Runtime Verification of TLM Platforms by L. Ferro and L. Pierre (VDS Group)
The context of this paper is the dynamic assertionbased verification (ABV) of TLM SystemC models. We have developed a methodology for checking temporal properties during the SystemC simulation. The assertions are expressed in the PSL language, including the possibility to use its modeling layer, and the method supports timed as well as untimed TLM descriptions. It is implemented in a prototype tool called ISIS. We describe its principles and technical characteristics, and we report various experimental results

September 2009


2009 CISCO Award Recipient: Régis Leveugle

Distinction : for his work on "Robust Logic and Flip-Flop Design" suivre le lien


IEEE European Test Symposium 2009, Best Paper Award, H. Stratigopoulos and S. Mir.

Distinction : Paper selected: "Defect Filter for Alternate RF Test” by Haralampos-G. Stratigopoulos, Salvador Mir, Erkan Acar and Sule Ozev.
Alternate RF testing is a very promising candidate for replacing the costly standard specification-based approach. The defect filter in the alternate test flow is a crucial preparatory step for the overall success of alternate test. In this paper, we present a novel nonlinear defect filter based on an estimate of the joint probability density function of the alternate measurements. The construction of the filter does not require a defect dictionary and can accommodate any underlying density without needing any prior knowledge regarding its parametric form.


ASAP'09 Best Paper Award to Xavier Guérin and Frédéric Pétrot

Distinction : Paper selected: A System Framework for the Design of Embedded Software Targeting Heterogeneous Multi-Core SoCs by Xavier Guérin and Frédéric Pétrot
Embedded appliances designers rely on Multi-Core System-on-Chips (MC-SoC) to provide the computing power required by modern applications. Due to the inherent complexity of this kind of platform, the development of specific system architectures is not considered as an option to provide low-level services to an application. Hence, the software is built either from scratch - when the software's requirements are not too high - or over a general-purpose operating system, leading to performance and memory usage trade-offs. Our contribution is a component-based system framework that provides high-level system services for embedded software applications with few impacts on the memory usage and final performances, thanks to strong interfaces that enable the reuse of existing software elements and facilitate the support of multiple hardware platforms.

July 7-9, 2009, Boston


Régis Leveugle nommé Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques.

Distinction : La distinction lui a été remise lors d'une cérémonie le 3 mars 2009 par Paul Jacquet, Administrateur Général de Grenoble INP.

3 Mars 2009


Best Paper Award (Gold Leaf) at PRIME 2007

Distinction : Best Paper Award (Gold Leaf) at the IEEE conference PRIME 2007
Author: Régis LEVEUGLE


Best Paper Award at RTCSA 2007

Distinction : Youngchul Cho, Nacer-Eddine Zergainoh, Ahmed Jerraya, Kiyoung choi Authors of Buffer Size Reduction through Control-Flow Decomposition
13 th IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA)

August 21-24, 2007



Distinction : Jean-Pierre NOBLANC AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE is awarded to TIMA in recognition of outstanding work on the MEDEA+ Project A406 PICS (Programmable Imaging with CMOS Sensors) - Advisors : Salvador MIR & Gilles SICARD

Tuesday 28 November 2006