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MIAI GRENOBLE ALPES - TIMA a obtenu deux chaires MIAI et encadrera des thèses


(Multidisciplinary Institute in Artificial Intelligence)

Chair title: Digital Hardware AI Architectures
Chair holder(s): Frédéric PETROT (TIMA - SLS team)
Financed by: ANR - PIA
In short:
According to a recent Facebook analysis, AI tasks need a 100x power reduction in the coming years to be sustainable. This chair focuses on highly energy efficient hardware/software architectures integration of AI and deep-learning to take up this challenge.
• Google France
• Kalray
• STMicroelectronics
• Upmem

Chair title: Hardware for spike-coded neural networks exploiting hybrid CMOS non-volatile technologies
Chair holder(s): Lorena ANGHEL (TIMA - AMfoRS team)
Financed by: ANR - PIA
In short:
Spiking Neural Networks are seen as a Key building block for strongly improving the energy efficiency of current AI applications and opening up new possibilities (in terms of unsupervised learning, recurrent networks, probabilistic inference, etc.). In that respect, the Grenoble R&D ecosystem has key strengths, especially its capability to design and manufacture embedded systems in advanced hybrid CMOS-Non Volatile Memory (NVM) technology. The scientific challenges to be tackled are the following. The first one is to define power-constrained learning and inference algorithms (online, supervised, unsupervised, probabilistic, etc.). The second one is to design a scalable and flexible SNN architecture, adaptable to the different above-mentioned algorithms, and fabricate that circuit in hybrid nanoscale CMOS and NVM technology, enabling very dense synaptic density. The last objective is to derive a principled toolchain for the algorithm, design, development, and integration of spiking neural networks for future adoption in industrial health and automotive embedded applications.

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Le prochain Conseil de Laboratoire aura lieu le

18/03/2020 - de 09 h 00 à 11 h 30, Laboratoire TIMA - Salle T312, FRANCE

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Le prochain Accueil des nouveaux arrivants aura lieu le

05/03/2020 - de 14 h 00 à 18 h 00, Laboratoire TIMA - Salle T312, FRANCE

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La demi-journée "TIMA Scientific Days - Hardware Security" aura lieu le

20/02/2020 - de 14 h 00 à 18 h 00, Grenoble INP - Amphi Gosse, FRANCE

These Scientific Days are meant to present the research topics and to disseminate the recent advances of TIMA researchers. These presentations are open to everybody, whether they are members of TIMA or not.

Giorgio DI NATALE (TIMA - AMfoRS team)
Vincent REYNAUD (TIMA - AMfoRS team)
Amine JAAMOUM (TIMA - AMfoRS team)
Invited talk: Thomas HISCOCK (CEA LETI)
Amir Ali POUR (PhD candidate at University of Grenoble Alps)
Ricardo AQUINO (TIMA - CDSI team)
Grégoire GIMENEZ (TIMA - CDSI team)

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