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Automatic Code-Transformation and Architecture Refinement for Application-Specific Multiprocessor SoCs with Shared Memory

Auteur(s) : S. Meftali, F. Rousseau, F. Gharsalli, A. A. Jerraya

ISRN: TIMA--RR-01/12-2--FR

Memory represents a major bottleneck in embedded systems. For multimedia applications bulky of data,these embedded systems require shared memory. But the integration of this kind of memory implies some architectural modifications and code transformations. And no automatic tool exists allowing designers to integrate shared memory in the SoC design flow.In this paper, we present a systematic approach for the design of shared memory architectures for application-specific multiprocessor systems-on-chip (SoC) at a high abstraction level. This paper focuses on the code-transformations related to the integration of the shared memory into the SoC.