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Global Modeling and Simulation of System-on-Chip embedding MEMS devices

Auteur(s) : K. Torki, G. Nicolescu, Z. Juneidi, S. Martinez, B. Courtois

ISRN: TIMA-RR--01/10-1--FR

Systems-on-Chip (SoC) and Systems-on-Package (SoP)are becoming more and more heterogeneous systems.Logic parts, Analog parts, Communication devices, and MEMS components are being integrated on the samechip. In order to validate systems containing such variety of components, global multi-domain simulationof different aspects becomes especially important.Hardware/software, analog/digital, electronic/mechanical/optic mixed simulations must be accessible. This paper presents a methodology to establish an environment for the global modeling and simulation of systems on chip embedding MEMS devices. This methodology is illustrated into two co-simulation frameworks: The optical cross-connect co-simulation framework and the electro-thermal co-simulation framework.