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Trends in embedded systems technology: an industrial perspective

Auteur(s) : P. Paulin, M. Cornero, Cl. B. Liem, F. Nacabal, C. Donawa, S. Sutarwala, T. May, C. Valderrama

Doc. Source: Hardware/Software Co-Design, Edited by M.G. Sami, G. De Micheli

Publisher : Kluwer Academic Publishers

While there has been much talk on the necessity of a major breakthrough in design methods and advanced CAD to support the multi-million gate chips that are already a reality, there has not been a clearly identified new direction which will produce a major productivity breakthrough. This paper attempts to identify one of these productivity breakthroughs, through: an analysis of designer needs, a study of embedded systems trends in the industry, case studies in wireless communications and multi-media.