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Low-Power SoC with Power-Aware Operating Systems Generation

Auteur(s) : S. Yoo, A. Bouchhima, W. Cesario, A. A. Jerraya, L. Gauthier

Doc. Source: Low-Power Electronics Design

Publisher : CRC Press

Pages : chapitre 3

The power consumption of integrated circuits is one of the most problematic considerations affecting the design of high-performance chips and portable devices. The study of power-saving design methodologies now must also include subjects such as systems on chips, embedded software, and the future of microelectronics. Low-Power Electronics Design covers all major aspects of low-power design of ICs in deep submicron technologies and addresses emerging topics related to future design. This volume explores, in individual chapters written by expert authors, the many low-power techniques born during the past decade. It also discusses the many different domains and disciplines that impact power consumption, including processors, complex circuits, software, CAD tools, and energy sources and management.