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Ring oscillators as sources of randomness

Auteur(s) : V. Fischer, A. Cherkaoui, P. Haddad

Doc. Source: Oscillator circuits: frontier in design, analysis and applications

Publisher : IET - The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Pages : chapitre 14

This book aims to fi ll the need for a comprehensive volume on the most recent research on oscillator circuit design, analysis and application. It highlights developments in the analysis of synchronisation and wave phenomena, new analytical and design methods and their application, and novel engineering applications of oscillator circuits. Topics covered include various oscillatory circuits and their synchronisation; bifurcation analysis of oscillatory circuits; synchronisation phenomena of hysteresis oscillators; recent research on memristor based relaxation oscillators; theory and design of fractionalorder oscillators; piecewise-constant oscillators and their applications; multimode oscillations in hard oscillators; wave propagation of phase difference in coupled oscillator arrays; coupled oscillator networks with frustration; fundamental operation and design of high-frequency high-effi ciency tuned power oscillator; graph comparison and synchronisation in complex networks; experimental studies on networks of coupled chaotic oscillators; ring oscillators and applications in random bit generation; attacking on-chip oscillators.