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Automatic generation and targeting of application-specific operating systems and embedded systems softwar

Auteur(s) : L. Gauthier, S. Yoo, A. A. Jerraya

Journal : IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems

Volume : 20

Issue : 11

Pages : 1293-1301

Doi : 10.1109/43.959858

Software (SW) parts become crucial in embedded systems. Operating systems (OSs) are often used to handle SW concurrency and communication. We propose a method of automatic generation of application-specific OSs and automatic targeting of application SW. OS generation starts from a very small, but yet flexible OS kernel. OS services, which are specific to the application and deduced from dependencies created by the system specification, are added to the kernel to construct the whole OS. Communication and synchronization functions in the application code are adapted to the generated OS. As experiments, we applied the proposed method to two system examples: a token-ring system and a very high data-rate digital subscriber line framer.