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Highly Tunable High-Q Inversion-Mode MOS Varactor in the 1–325-GHz Band

Auteur(s) : M. Margalef-Rovira, A. Saadi, L. Vincent, S. Lepilliet, C. Gaquière, D. Gloria, C. Durand, M. Barragan, E. Pistono, S. Bourdel, P. Ferrari

Journal : IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices

Volume : 67

Issue : 6

Pages : 2263-2269

Doi : 10.1109/TED.2020.2989726

This article presents the design, experimental results, and modeling of an inversion-mode CMOS varactor integrated in the STMicroelectronics 55-nm BiCMOS technology. The device was characterized from 1 to 325 GHz, demonstrating high-quality factor at millimeter-waves. For instance, a quality factor of 7 at around 190 GHz for a tuning ratio (C max /C min ) greater than 4 was measured. This performance overpasses that of accumulation-mode varactors usually provided in CMOS technologies design kits, for frequencies beyond about 100 GHz. In addition, a smallsignal electrical model is provided from 100 to 250 GHz.