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Electrical modelling and characterization of a Thermo-Magnetically Activated Piezoelectric Generator (TMAPG)

Auteur(s) : A. Rendon Hernandez, M. Ferrari, S. Basrour, V. Ferrari

Journal : Journal of Physics: Conference Series

Volume : 1407

This article deals with modeling and characterization of a thermo-magnetically activated piezoelectric generator, we provide breakthrough in addressing the modeling issue of such power generators by reporting equivalent electrical circuit and its characterization. The circuit is based on the standard Butterworth van Dyke model. It includes mechanical, dielectric, and piezoelectric losses by using complex elastic, dielectric and piezoelectric constants that are obtained through fitting measured admittance of piezoelectric transducer. The model is developed of lumped circuits elements and it is valid under both parallel and series wired bimorph connection. Experimental and simulation results show good agreement, within 10.2% (for maximum output voltage), on the generator behavior for both the rectifier circuits implemented.