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Piezoresistif microsensors for an instrumented medical needle for its real time monitoring in a microlocalization tool

Auteur(s) : A. Bonvilain, L. Zanardelli, A. Carriquiry

Journal : Microsystem Technologies

Volume : 24

Issue : 7

Pages : 3161–3167

Doi : 10.1007/s00542-018-3814-5

Because today a physician has no reliable tool to monitor a medical needle, when he inserted it into the human body, this paper deals with an instrumented medical needle, which can be monitored in real time during its insertion in a human body. The final goal of this work is to fabricate a prototype to integrate it into a microlocalization tool. After an introduction, the current practices are given in the domain of the interventional radiology. Then, a summary report of the previous works is presented to give the context. The last microfabrication is described with the results of the experimentations of the new prototype. Then, the connecting tracks are designed and fabricated, in the way to connect the microgauges at the proximal extremity of the needle. So, a microconnector is designed to connect the microgauges to a microlocalization system. At the end of the paper, the short-term perspectives are given. The novelty in this work is that the microfabrications are processed on an unconventional substrate in a clean room (curved surface and stainless steel).