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CMOS-MEMS Electroacoustic Micro-Transducers

Auteur(s) : L. Rufer

Journal : Journal of Innovation in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Volume : 6

Issue : 2

Silicon-based microphones are nowadays well-established MEMS components produced by strong industrial actors. The fabrication of such acoustic sensors is based on a dedicated technology fulfilling all designed parameters. On the other hand, the development of such a technology processes is costly and timeconsuming. In this paper, we will present a reversed approach, in which a device design must be tailored to match an existing fabrication process. We will show, on several examples, a design process of acoustic microtransducers fabricated through an industrial CMOS process completed by post-CMOS fabrication step. Such a CMOS-MEMS process is applied to the realization of suspended diaphragms that can be part of transducers with piezoresistive, electrostatic, or electrodynamic transduction.