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ChronoSym – a New Approach for Fast and Accurate SoC Cosimulation

Auteur(s) : I. Bacivarov, A. Bouchhima, S. Yoo, A. A. Jerraya

Journal : IJES - International Journal of Embedded Systems

Volume : 1

Issues : 1-2

Pages : 103-111

Doi : 10.1504/IJES.2005.008812

The early validation of modern SoC is not anymore feasible using traditional cycle-accurate cosimulations. These are based on the concurrent execution between SW running on multiple Instruction Set Simulators and HW simulators. The challenge is then speeding-up the simulation, without sacrificing the accuracy of traditional methods. The key contribution of this paper is a novel fast and accurate HW/SW cosimulation approach, allowing to handle large SoCs, while reducing the design cycle. The key underlying concepts are timed native SW execution, combined with detailed HW/SW interaction models. This approach is implemented in ChronoSym tool and applied to two real SoC applications.