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Integration of GPU Computing in a Software Radio Environment

Auteur(s) : P.-H Horrein, Ch. Hennebert, F. Pétrot

Journal : Journal of Signal Processing Systems

Volume : 69

Issue : 1

Pages : 55-65

Doi : 10.1007/s11265-011-0639-1

This article studies the integration of Graphics Processing Units in a Software Defined Radio environment. Two main solutions are considered, based on two levels of granularity for the parallelization. First, a fine grain parallelism solution, which is an extension of the existing solutions but adapted to operations of large computational complexity, is proposed. Second, an original solution based on coarse grain approach allowing better usage of the computing resources and easier parallelism extraction is described. For both solutions, scheduling and communication design as well as implementation are given, along with integration in the environment. Both solutions have been implemented and compared on different operations types and on multi-operations sequences. It is clearly shown that using the second solution can provide performance improvement, while the first one is not adapted to SDR applications.