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Forecasting the effects of electromagnetic fault injections on embedded cryptosystems

Auteur(s) : D. Alberto, P. Maistri, R. Leveugle

Journal : Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective

Volume : 22

Issues : 5-6

Pages : 237-243

Doi : 10.1080/19393555.2014.891278

This work deals with the electromagnetic pulses (EMP) injection of transient faults into embedded cryptosystems. The purpose of this study is to deepen the understanding of the interaction of an electromagnetic (EM) field and a logic circuit (ASIC or FPGA). In this direction, a sign-off power analysis and a voltage (IR) drop analysis can be useful to localize possible circuit weaknesses and identify the most vulnerable regions to EMP attacks. The preliminary results of a sign-off power analysis conducted on a real circuit are provided and discussed. The long-term objective is the development of a model able to predict the effects of an EMP on a cryptosystem.