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Design of a SAW-based chemical sensor with its microelectronics front-end interface

Auteur(s) : F. Cenni, J. Cazalbou, S. Mir, L. Rufer

Journal : Microelectronics journal

Volume : 41

Issue : 11

Pages : 723-732

Doi : 10.1016/j.mejo.2010.06.008

A surface acoustic wave (SAW) device is used in this work as the sensing element for a chemical sensor that will be embedded in a wireless sensor node. The SAW device is intended to detect the concentration of gaseous mercury in the environment. The microelectronics front-end architecture has been designed at transistor level in a CMOS technology. The SAW device is embedded in a phase-locked loop (PLL) that converts the change of concentration of gaseous mercury into a shift of the loop frequency. Post-layout simulations of the overall sensor including the digital control and read-out blocks have been carried out considering a model of the SAW device described in the Hardware Description Language Verilog-A. Analog tests on the fabricated circuit have demonstrated the functionality of this microelectronics front-end interface.