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Estimation et optimisation de la consommation dans les SoC utilisant la simulation précise au cycle

Auteur(s) : A. Abril, H. Mehrez, F. Pétrot, J. Gobert, C. Miro

Journal : Technique et Science Informatiques (TSI)

Volume : 27, n ̊ 1-2

Pages : 203-233

This article proposes a method to estimate and optimize energy consumption in SoCs. The starting point is a cycle-accurate architectural description of the system. The simulation models are extended with energy models that take into account the operations executed per transition into the state machine of the components. The method has been tested in a MPEG4 decoder implementation. The error of the energy estimations has been estimated lower than 6% from physical measurements and the optimizations allow reductions on the consumption of up to 93%.