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PARTIF: interactive system-level partitioning

Auteur(s) : T. Ismail, K. O'Brien, A. A. Jerraya

Journal : Journal of VLSI Design

Volume : 3

Issues : 3-4

Pages : 333-345

This paper presents a methodology and a tool box for system-level partitioning in the behavioral domain. The methodology is based on an extended finite state machine model. Partitioning is achieved interactively through the application of five system-level transformation primitives: MOVE, MERGE, SPLIT, CUT and MAP. This scheme allows an interactive exploration of the solution space. The result of the partitioning is a set of interconnected and heterogeneous sub-systems. The partitioning tool box which has been developed is named PARTIF. PARTIF includes an evaluation feedback loop that helps the designer estimate the quality of the design.