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Hardware/Software cosimulation from interface perspective

Auteur(s) : S. Yoo, A. A. Jerraya

Journal : IEE Proceedings Computers and Digital Techniques

Volume : 152

Issue : 3

Pages : 369-379

Doi : 10.1049/ip-cdt:20045113

The aim is to explain the current issues of HW/SW cosimulation and to introduce a new challenge of HW/SW cosimulation for multiprocessor SoC (MPSoC). Most of the current issues are related to raising abstraction levels of HW/SW cosimulation. Mixed-level cosimulation is explained in a unified manner using a concept of 'HW/SW interface'. First, abstraction levels in HW/SW cosimulation are explained in terms of abstraction levels of function, SW interface and HW interface. Transaction level models are introduced for HW interface. OS and device driver levels are explained for the SW interface. Then, the concept, applications and techniques of mixed-level cosimulation are presented. To better understand mixed-level cosimulation through SoC design flow, a view called refinement space is presented. Using the refinement space, cases of mixed-level cosimulation are explained in a SoC design scenario. Then, the issue of cosimulation performance in raising abstraction levels, i.e. Amdahl's law in HW/SW cosimulation, is addressed. A new challenge of cosimulation for MPSoC is also introduced.