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Virtual prototyping for modular and flexible hardware-software systems

Auteur(s) : C. Valderrama, A. Changuel, A. A. Jerraya

Journal : Design Automation for Embedded Systems

Volume : 2

Issues : 3-4

Pages : 267 - 282

Doi : 10.1023/A:1008829719142

The goal of the work is to develop a methodology for fast prototyping of highly modular and flexible electronic systems, including both software and hardware. The main contribution of the work is the ability to handle a wide range of architectures. We assume that hardware/software partitioning is already made. This stage of the codesign process starts with a virtual prototype, an heterogeneous architecture composed of a set of distributed modules, represented in VHDL for hardware elements and in C for software elements, communicating through communication modules. The work concentrates on a modelling strategy that allows a virtual prototype to be used for both cosynthesis (mapping hardware and software modules onto an architectural platform) and cosimulation (joint simulation of hardware and software components) into a unified environment. The main contribution is the use of a multi view library concept in order to hide specific hardware/software implementation details and communication schemes. In particular this approach addresses the problem of communication between the hardware and software modules.