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Automatic generation of reprogrammable controllers in a high level synthesis environment

Auteur(s) : M. Benmohammed, P. Kission, M. Rahmouni, Cl. B. Liem, A. A. Jerraya

Journal : Technique et Science Informatiques (TSI)

Volume : 17

Issue : 10

Pages : 1277-1297

In this paper we discuss the generation of reprogrammable controllers. This generation is performed by the use of an existing high-level synthesis environment initially intended to hardwired circuits. Starting from a high-level behavioral specification (in algorithmic form) describing the function of the circuit, the high-level synthesis provides an architecture composed of a data-path and a controller. The generated architecture is flexible due to the use of a controller based on a ROM (reprogrammable). This paper describes an initial set of modifications to an architectural synthesis system targeting the generation of programmable controllers. The designer can then generate both style of architecture, hardwired and programmable, using the same synthesis system and can quickly evaluate the trade-offs of hardware decisions.