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A hardware/software co-design methodology for embedded telecommunication systems

Auteur(s) : N.S. Voros, H. Karathanasis, C. Valderrama, M.- S. Arab, A.N Birbas, M. Birbas, S. Tsasakou

Doc. Source: Conference on European Multimedia, Microprocessor Systems and Electronic Commerce (EMMSEC'98)

Publisher : IEEE

The current paper presents an integrated co-design methodology for embedded telecommunication systems, starting from high-level system modelling down to system implementation. The proposed co-design methodology uses a system specification captured in UML language, translates at a simulatable SDL description used as input to the COSMOS toolset for the generation of a virtual hardware/software prototype. The system's partitioning is achieved interactively in a semi-automatic way, based on COSMOS and its underlying SOLAR format, producing C and VHDL descriptions for the implementation of software and hardware parts respectively. For the co-simulation, synthesis and system implementation parts of the proposed methodology, the CoWare tool has been employed using as front end the generated C and VHDL descriptions produced by COSMOS. The effectiveness of the proposed co-design approach is demonstrated through its application for the design and implementation of the Medium Access Control (MAC) layer and the RF I/F part of the Physical (PHY) layer of the DECT protocol stack.