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Hardware/software co-design of embedded systems using multiple formalisms for application development

Auteur(s) : N.S. Voros, S. Tsasakou, C. Valderrama, M.- S. Arab, A.N Birbas, M. Birbas, V. Mariatos, A. Andritsou

Doc. Source: IFIP International Conference FORTE/PSTV'98, Formal description Techniques & Protocol Specification, Testing and Verification

Publisher : IFIP

In this paper a co-design methodology based on multiformalism modeling is presented. It defines a platform that integrates different notations and, the necessary mechanisms to handle different in nature models in a coherent way. The supported formalisms cover a wide area of application domains, allowing the designer to select the notations that are mostly appropriate for his application. The proposed co-design development cycle provides a full blown path from system specification to a virtual prototype of the system under construction. Its effectiveness is depicted through its use for the design and implementation of a MAC layer protocol, named MASCARA, for providing ATM QoS over wireless connections.