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Application specific multi-processor system on chip

Auteur(s) : A. A. Jerraya

Doc. Source: First Advanced Computing Workshop Trends in Embedded Computing

It often happens that designers have to integrate more than one instruction set processor on a single chip. Typical applications are wireless, image processing, XDSL, networking processors and game computers. Three main problems make the design of application-specific multi-processor System On Chip very hard and expensive, system architecture and on chip communication software targeting and executive code generation using (or not) an Operating System (OS) system validation at the functional level and the cycle-accurate level where multiple ISSs may be required. The tutorial provides a systematic approach for the design of heterogeneous multi-processor System On Chip. This includes the definition of scalable application-specific multi-processor architectures, software targeting strategy using an Operating System from SystemC- like models, hardware/software interfaces models, and multi-level validation approach.