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ReCode: the design and re-design of the instruction codes for embedded instruction-set processors

Auteur(s) : Cl. B. Liem, P. Paulin, A. A. Jerraya

Doc. Source: European Design and Test Conference (EDTC'97)

Publisher : IEEE

Pages : 612

Doi : 10.1109/EDTC.1997.582426

This abstract presents a design aid called ReCode, and describes its use in the analysis of existing instruction-set processors. ReCode allows the exploration of the relationship between the instruction-set and the corresponding application code of embedded processors. After analyzing the instruction-set and code, the designer can then use the set of editing functions to adjust the instruction set to the application code. ReCode is a window-based tool which has two modes of analysis: static and dynamic. In the static mode, the tool allows the user to analyze the correspondence between the use of assembly codes and the compiled application code. This allows the designer to identify codes which have poor utilization and make changes accordingly. As the tool works with an instruction-set specification which can be regenerated, the compiler is consequently retargeted automatically for any changes.