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Communication synthesis approach for distributed systems and its application during the design of a communication controller

Auteur(s) : A. Zitouni, M. Abid, K. Torki, C. Souani, R. Tourki

Doc. Source: Tenth International Conference on Microelectronics

Doi : 10.1109/ICM.1998.825611

In this paper we present a communication synthesis approach for distributed systems that use the shared memory as communication model. This approach may be easily inserted in an extendible co-design methodology it aims to transform a system composed by high level processes that share the sane bus and the same memory in disordered manner into a set of processes mapped onto a fixed allocation of multiprocessor system. This approach assumes that many eo-design steps such as partitioning, scheduling and some refinement tasks have been performed and it is basically based on the synthesis of the communication structures (interfaces, arbitration schemes) that allow each system module to communicate with each other and to communicate with external mediums. We illustrate through the design of a communication controller the usefulness of the communication synthesis algorithm.