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Event-driven Image Sensor Application: Event-driven Image Segmentation

Auteur(s) : A. Darwish, H. Abbass, L. Fesquet, G. Sicard

Doc. Source: 3rd International Conference on Event Based Control, Communication and Signal Processing (EBCCSP 2017)

Publisher : IEEE

Pages : 1-6

Doi : 10.1109/EBCCSP.2017.8022820

We present through this paper an event-driven image sensor with a built-in and native image processing technique. In fact, digital image analysis and processing became one of the most demanding fields due to its wide and various applications. The activity of our event-driven image sensor is limited to the effective and relevant information in the captured scene. Moreover, its event-driven protocol efficiently suppresses any spatial redundancies. Therefore, the image sensor data flow is drastically reduced. Furthermore, we are introducing an effective and cost-free image segmentation technique by taking advantage of the spatial redundancy suppression method.