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Collecting traces in dynamic binary translation based virtual prototyping platforms

Auteur(s) : M. Cunha, N. Fournel, F. Pétrot

Doc. Source: Workshop on Rapid Simulation and Performance Evaluation: Methods and Tools (RAPIDO'15)

Publisher : ACM, NY, USA

Pages : 1-6

Doi : 10.1145/2693433.2693437

Bugs or inefficiencies appearing in MPSoC platforms can have a very broad range of sources. However, due to the huge number of possible execution interleavings, reproducing the conditions of occurrence of a given error/performance issue is very difficult. One solution to this problem consists of tracing an execution for later analysis. This paper details the challenges and issues behind the production of a "well formed" trace in a transaction accurate virtual prototyping environment that uses dynamic binary translation as processor simulation technology. We propose a solution which requires modification of the dynamic compilation process, but stays non-intrusive, and demonstrate its feasibility on several examples.