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A Scalable Low Overhead Line Coding For Asynchronous High Speed Serial Transmission

Auteur(s) : J. Saade, A. Goulahsen, A. Picco, J. Huloux, F. Pétrot

Doc. Source: 18th IEEE Workshop on Signal and Power Integrity (SPI'14)

Publisher : IEEE

Pages : 1-4

Doi : 10.1109/SaPIW.2014.6844527

Line Coding techniques are used in High Speed Serial Links (HSSL) mostly on the physical layer before transmitting the raw data on the link. Line Coding enters modifications or completely transforms the raw data in order to ensure certain characteristics for the receiver to be able to recover the data correctly. Over time, many techniques were used and implemented on standards; Some present good characteristics but at the cost of high overhead, others have low or no overhead but do not ensure data integrity all the time and could be source to errors. In this paper, we highlight the advantages and drawbacks of the most used line codings, then we propose a new technique combining low overhead, integrity and scalability.