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System-level modeling of electromechanical devices with energy consumption

Auteur(s) : L. Bousquet, E. Simeu

Doc. Source: 7th International IEEE Systems Conference (Syscon'13)

Publisher : IEEE

Pages : 756-761

Doi : 10.1109/SysCon.2013.6549968

This paper presents an approach for high-level modeling of electromechanical systems. The proposed methodology starts from a low-level description and generate automatically the corresponding bond-graph model. The following steps consist on finding a behavioral model such as a state space representation which is enriched with the information needed to compute the energy consumption and the losses of the system. The development is done using SystemC AMS modeling environment: a particularly well suited language for high-level modeling of heterogeneous systems. The modeling of an electromechanical filter will be used as case study.