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Modelling and optimisation of a sapphire/GaN-based diaphragm structure for pressure sensing in harsh environments

Auteur(s) : M.J. Edwards, S. Vittoz, R. Amen, L. Rufer, P. Johander, C.R. Bowen, D.W.E. Allsopp

Doc. Source: 8th International Conference on Advanced Semiconductor Devices Microsystem (ASDAM'10)

Publisher : IEEE

Pages : 127-130

Doi : 10.1109/ASDAM.2010.5666320

GaN is a potential sensor material for harsh environments due to its piezoelectric and mechanical properties. In this paper an 8mm diameter sensor structure is proposed based on a GaN/AlGaN/sapphire HEMT wafer. The discs will be glass-bonded to an alumina package, creating a `drumskin' type sensor that is sensitive to pressure changes. The electromechanical behaviour of the sensor is studied in an attempt to optimise the design of a pressure sensor (HEMT position and sapphire thickness) for operation in the range of 10-50 bar (5 MPa) and above 300°C.