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Me3D: A model-driven methodology expediting embedded device driver development

Auteur(s) : Hui Chen, G. Godet-Bar, F. Rousseau, F. Pétrot

Doc. Source: 22nd IEEE International Symposium on Rapid System Prototyping (RSP’11)

Publisher : IEEE

Pages : 171-177

Doi : 10.1109/RSP.2011.5929992

Traditional development of reliable device drivers for multiprocessor system on chip (MPSoC) is a complex and demanding process, as it requires interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of hardware and software. This problem can be alleviated by an advanced driver generation environment. We have achieved this by systematically synthesizing drivers from a device features model and specifications of hardware and in- kernel interfaces, thereby lessening the impact of human error on driver reliability and reducing the development costs. We present the methodology called Me3D and confirm the feasibility of the driver generation environment by manually converting sources of information captured in different formalisms to a Multimedia Card Interface (MCI) driver for a real MPSoC under a lightweight operating system (OS).