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A Novel Fine Synchronization Method for Dirty Template UWB Timing Acquisition

Auteur(s) : R. Alhakim, K. Raoof, E. Simeu

Doc. Source: 6th International Conference on Wireless Communications Networking and Mobile Computing (WiCOM'10)

Pages : 4 p.

Timing acquisition constitutes a major challenge in carrying out highly efficient ultra-wideband (UWB) communications. The timing with dirty template (TDT) approach is a promising candidate, which is low-complexity high-performance timing acquisition. In this paper, we describe the dirty template (DT) technique, in order to develop and test timing algorithms in both data aided (DA) and non-data aided (NDA) modes. Then we propose a new method based on Time-Hoping TH codes to improve the performance estimation of the original dirty template algorithms. Simulation shows the estimation error results of the modified method in the DA and NDA modes. It confirms the high performance and fast timing of DA mode, compared to NDA mode, but with less bandwidth efficiency.