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Highly Flexible Membrane Systems for Micromachined Microphones – Modeling and Simulation

Auteur(s) : F. Tounsi, L. Rufer, B. Mezghani, M. Masmoudi, S. Mir

Doc. Source: 3rd IEEE International Conference on Signals, Circuits and Systems, (SCS'09)

This paper presents a mechanical modeling of membrane systems applicable to micromachined microphones requiring a low stiffness constant. We have recently developed a single-chip electrodynamic microphone in a CMOS MEMS technology. The microphone consists of a suspended square membrane of 1.4mm side, 3µm thick and 10µg, and two concentric inductors. This suspended moving membrane is fixed to the substrate with 4 attachments arms. In order to achieve a desired flat frequency response characteristic, covering the entire acoustic band, several attachment designs are presented, studied and compared. These designs include crab-leg, meander, U-spring and serpentine forms. We have found that for comparable dimensions, the U-spring form presents the highest compliance and the meander type is the stiffest.