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Network interface generation for MPSOC: from communication service requirements to RTL implementation

Auteur(s) : A. Grasset, F. Rousseau, A. A. Jerraya

Doc. Source: 15th IEEE International Workshop on Rapid System Prototyping (RSP'04)

Publisher : IEEE

Pages : 66-69

Doi : 10.1109/RSP.2004.32

To deal with the increasing complexity of electronic products, multiprocessor SoCs are more and more used. These systems are designed by composition of components communicating through a communication network, which means that some network interfaces should be inserted to adapt computation components with the communication network. This paper deals with the automatic generation of network interfaces by composition of hardware components. The goal of our methodology is to ease the HW/SW integration. This methodology starts from a description of the communication services the network interface has to provide. This model is then refined to an abstract model of the interface used to generate the architecture. An RTL model is then implemented.