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Flexible hardware/software interface modeling using high level service based component model

Auteur(s) : L. Kriaa, A. Sarmento, W. Youssef, A. Bouchhima, F. Pétrot, A. A. Jerraya, A.-M. Fouillard

Doc. Source: The 13th Workshop on Synthesis And System Integration of Mixed Information technologies (SASIMI'06)

Publisher : IEEE

Complex systems-on-chip are designed by interconnecting pre-designed hardware and software components. During the design cycle, a global model of the SoC may be composed of hardware and software models at different abstraction levels. Designing hardware/software interfaces to interconnect SoC component is a source of design bottlenecks. This paper describes a service-based model enabling systematic design and co-simulation of hardware/software interfaces for SoC design. This model, called Service Dependency Graph (SDG) allows modeling of complex, customized (application-specific) interfaces. We also present a model generator that can automatically build hardware/software interfaces based on service and resource requirements described by the SDG. This approach has been applied successfully on the design of a Software Defined Radio application. The results show the effectiveness of the proposed approach in modeling complex interfaces.