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Infrastructures for mixed signals in biology and medicine

Auteur(s) : B. Courtois, B. Charlot, G. Di Pendina, L. Rufer

Doc. Source: 14th IEEE Int. Mixed-Signals, Sensors, and Systems Test Workshop (IMS3TW’08)

Publisher : IEEE

Pages : 1-4

Doi : 10.1109/IMS3TW.2008.4581622

Many medical and biological applications require custom integrated hardware. Infrastructures for the design of CMOS and MEMS hardware allow the education and commercialization at a low cost and in a short time. This paper is reviewing the most recent developments at CMP for the manufacturing of ICs and MEMS. These custom hardware vehicles allow to target many medical and biological applications. Examples are provided through the paper. Such infrastructures may help the Medical and Biological community the same way they helped the Microelectronics community at the time of the VLSI revolution. These applications offer a number of challenges to the MS3T community.